Bentley Ellison earns Award

As always, Mr Ellison is traveling to find the best competition. While in a camp near ATL GA, Bentley earned the HARDEST WORKER award.  Great job B.


A great day of wrestling for Higher Calling beginners!! Won some and lost some but every one got better and had fun.

Beginner Pictures

Ocoee Beginner Tournament

TNAAU Walker Valley Stampede Beginner Tournament

December 3rd, 2017

A TEAM TN AAU Wrestling Tournament

Hosted By Walker Valley Stampede Wrestling Club

Gym Location: Ocoee Middle School

Address: 2250 North Ocoee Street

Cleveland, TN 37311
HCWC Beginners: If your child is wrestling next Sunday at the Beginner Ocoee Tournament you MUST REGISTER them through the link below. They MUST have a AAU card as well ( Please message me once you register or have problems. You will NOT have an on site weigh in which means what ever you register them at needs to be accurate. We can check weight next practice unless you have access to a scale.
12:00- Meet at Ocoee MS

1:00- Start Wrestling


HCWC BEGINNERS- We WILL practice tonight at regular time.  BUT the bathrooms will not be accessible, please plan accordingly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ashton Davis DOMINATES 

Higher Calling STUD is leading by example as he is putting in the time and hunting down the top competition in the country. Ashton just compiled a 9-0 record at the Hammerhead Duals in Flordia wrestling at 150 lbs.


Jaxon Flood and Mattox High both win the Battle For The Belt in Georgia today.  Jaxon is a 1st grader and won the 46 lbs weigh class and Mattox is a 3rd grader and won at 73 lbs


HHCWC ADVANCED- Starting our competition a week early.  I will traveling to Gainesville, Georgia next Saturday. I will have room for a few in my car. Prob driving up Friday and getting a hotel.  All tournament information is attached. Message me for information

Beginner Scrimmage and advanced PRACTICE CANCELLED 

Just got word the Jones Center has water damage. Can’t be in there until Monday. BEGINNER SCRIMMAGE and advanced practice IS CANCELLED and so is advanced practice. 

HCWC Beginner Scrimmage

HCWC Reminder:  We will have another beginner scrimmage this Sunday (November 26th). Please arrive at 315 for weigh ins, and we will begin around 4 pm. Last week went GREAT, look forward to another great day.

Cleveland High School-Ranked 1st in the State

HCWC- We want ALL Middle School and Youth wrestlers to come watch the NUMBER 1 Team in the State, Cleveland High School, take on the first two teams of the year. Match starts TOMORROW  at 2 pm at the Jones Wrestling Center!!!!!

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