Higher Calling Youth Wrestling Sign-ups

Attention all 4 year olds to 12 year olds.. Higher Calling is looking for next generation of Blue Raiders. Come to next Higher Calling beginners practice and we will get you signed up for this season.

Beginners Practices are Monday and Wednesday from 6:30-7:30pm and Sunday practice is 3:30pm to 4:30pm.

Right now is the BEST time to join Higher Calling Wrestling Club. We are looking for brand new wrestlers to the sport and any others that are ready to take their wrestling to an entire new level.
Higher Calling is ranked as the number one club in Tennessee and the Southeast. We currently have the number one ranked Middle School Wrestler in Tn. We offer classes for beginners all the way through to the very best wrestlers in the nation. Don’t listen to what the competition says……come in and watch a practice or two yourself. Try a practice out with no strings attached if you would like.
If you decide to join the cost for the season is $35. See for yourself the difference in babysitting time and wrestling practice.
We practice in the best wrestling only facility in the country and we are beyond excited for the upcoming season. Higher Calling has the best youth coaching staff in the country. It feels good to be part of Higher Calling where we are held to a higher standard.

Higher Calling
The Jones Wrestling Center
850 Raider Drive
Cleveland, Tn 37311
Next to Cleveland High School

Why you should get your child to wrestle:

  1. There is no entitlement in wrestling. It doesn’t matter where you are ranked or whether or not your coach likes you, your value as a wrestler depends on your most recent performance on the mat. Last year, I watched a wrestler, who spent most of the season ranked #2, lose two tough matches in the district tournament and fail to qualify for the state tournament. He was a senior who had placed at the state tournament the previous year, but that and his ranking didn’t matter – only what happened on the mat. In a matter of minutes, his season was over. In wrestling, you must constantly earn what you get.
  2. Wrestling teaches toughness. I got my first bloody nose in youth boxing at the age of 7, and never forgot it. At first, I wanted to cry and get out of the ring, but something deep inside me brought me back to the fight. Too many kids make it through childhood without a bloody nose. In wrestling, we have “blood time.” Wrestlers get their mouths smashed, their noses bloodied, their eyes blackened and their joints twisted. Wrestling teaches athletes how to work through pain and discomfort. Wrestling teaches toughness.
  3. Wrestling teaches discipline. Because they have to make weight and need to be in superb shape to succeed, successful wrestlers maintain their bodies like finely tuned machines. Even away from practice and competition, they can’t forget that they are wrestlers. When their friends are feasting on fast food and sodas or staying up too late, wrestlers have to make decisions that will help them on the mat. They know that slipping on discipline will have negative consequences on the mat.
  4. Wrestling instills confidence. It takes courage to walk out onto the mat. Once you overcome the fear of competition and the loneliness of being on the mat, everything else in life seems easier. Famous collegiate and Olympic wrestler Dan Gable says that 80% of wrestling matches are decided before the first whistle blows. “One competitor already knows he’s going to win, and the other knows he’s going to lose before either steps onto the mat,” he says. Once wrestlers develop confidence, they learn how to use it to give themselves a competitive edge.
  5. Wrestling teaches self-reliance. Too many kids look outward for blame when they experience failure. When you are on the mat, no one is going to come save you. You have to decide how hard you are going to fight to win. If you fail, you have no one else to blame. You can’t blame your teammates, your coach’s play-calling or officiating. You win or lose on your own.
  6. Wrestlers don’t go pro. Yes, I know that professional wrestling still exists, but very few wrestlers have professional aspirations. Contrast that with other popular sports. Many basketball, baseball and football players believe that they are going to make millions in professional sports, so much so that they plan for it at the expense of education and other preparation. Wrestlers are under no such illusions. They compete for the sake of competition, not fame or money.
  7. Wrestlers come in all shapes and sizes. Height and weight are large factors for success in several popular sports, like basketball and football, but they don’t mean much in wrestling. Wrestling is a sport where small kids or heavy, but relatively short kids can be extremely successful. Where else can a scrawny 106-pound or short 250-pound kid win a state championship?
  8. Wrestlers learn to respect their opponents. There is a lot of down time at wrestling events, and many wrestlers will compete against each other multiples times in one season. In that down time, they get to know each other, and will even cheer each other on. Not all of them are friends, but they all know what goes into a wrestling season, and they respect each other because of that shared sacrifice.

Even if your child never wins a match, he’ll learn a lot about himself and how he fits into the world. While it’s true the other sports can teach most of these lessons, the intensity of a wrestling season is hard to match. When you sign your child up for a wrestling season, you give them a competitive edge that will help them succeed in life. Don’t miss that opportunity

Jonesfest State Champ Prep Camp

Are you ready for state? This Saturday Higher Calling presents the last major camp before state, the Jonesfest State Champ Prep Camp at the Jones Wrestling Center 850 Raider Drive Cleveland, TN 37311. 9am to 4pm and there will be 3 different sessions and lots of live wrestling… Bring your own lunch. Register on Track wrestling. Search for Jonesfest.

We are asking for donation of $65 for the camp and every dollar we collect will go to the family of Daniel Winters, the TN Wrestler at Blackman High School who qualified for state last Saturday and then was tragically killed in a car accident later that night. You can pay on track, at http://www.gofundme.com/danielwinters or make a donation at the door. Any money will help.

We will end up having about 80 to 100 kids at this camp and all of them will be high level kids.
Address is
Jones Wrestling Center
850 Raider Drive
Cleveland, TN 37311


Jonesfest presents Coach Mike Hatcher

Jonesfest Wrestling Camps in conjunction with Ga Smashmouth Crew present a combined wrestling camp with the Legendary UTC assistant Coach Mike Hatcher on Dec 6th at the Jones Wrestling Center from 10am to 4pm for Advanced wrestlers ages k – 8th grade. This camp is going to draw almost all of the TN kids that are going to VAC and the Ga Smashmouth group is all of the top Ga Kids. This camp is going to as many hammers in one room that TN has every seen. Cost is $35 plus you need to bring a new unwrapped toy that will be donated to Toys for Tots. Please register on trackwrestling.com. You can pay online or pay at the door. If you pay at the door please register on track and just leave payment blank.

Higher Calling Super32 results and 1st All-American

Super32 is the single biggest High School, Middle School, and youth Wrestling tournament in the US. Sunday Nov 1st, Trae Mcdaniel became the first Higher Calling/Cleveland wrestler to Earn All-American at Super32. This is one of the biggest honors that any wrestler in the US can earn.
Higher Calling took 21 wrestlers to Super32. We ended up with 5 kids that placed in the Middle School and Elementary divisions. The rest of the state of TN, only had 4 kids that placed in those divisions.
Help Congratulate Trae and the rest of the Higher Calling wrestlers who earned a spot on the podium at the best tournament in the US.

Here are all of the Higher Calling Super32 Placers…

5th 120 MASON REINICHE Higher Calling
8th 55 JAX GODFREY Higher Calling
4th 75 TRAE MCDANIEL Higher Calling
5th 95 AIDEN BOWERS Higher Calling
8th 50 JOSEPH UHORCHUK Higher Calling


Lunch Time Football

Higher Calling Wrestlers work hard and they also play hard…. This is our wrestlers during the lunch break at our last all day camp that was very grueling… Lunch Time Football…….

Super32 Singlet Matches…..and Crossfit….

Super32 Live singlet matches..



The Perfect Storm……….. Jordan Burroughs

As a freshman in high school Jordan Burroughs went 16-10. As a freshman in college he went 16-13. The number one reason he was able to recover from those tough times and become the best wrestler in the world today is because he LOVES to learn/train. So few athletes understand the concept of development the way JB does.

Jonesfest Presents Super32 Live Scrimmages

JONESFEST Presents Super32 Live Scrimmages. Sunday October 12th, 19th, and 26th at the Jones Wrestling Center from 3pm to 5pm. Guaranteed 8 Six Minute live matches every Sunday. Must wear a singlet for the Live matches. There is event is free and open to all TN, Ga, and Al wrestlers who are going to Super32 or who want to come spar with those Wrestlers that are. We have 22 Super32 kids in our program that need live matches… come spar with them..  

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Super32 Live Scrimmages



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